Canadians walk for water in Kenya

Many people take fresh drinking water for granted and are able to quench their thirst with the turn of a tap. However, thousands of communities still rely on walking many kilometres a day to fill up their jerrycans and carry their water supplies home on their backs.

IMG_0843 is changing the way communities in the Masai Mara, Kenya gain access to fresh water, by drilling wells and training locals how to repair the pump when it breaks.
Nevertheless, women still walk to the river or watering hole to collect water to use for laundry and cleaning.
Representatives from the Pinball Clemons Foundation including donors and volunteers, which works with, joined a couple of Mammas on their trip to collect water and helped them carry the supply back to their village.

Afterwards, the delegation was invited into the traditional mud hut, which is home to a Masai family of eight.


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